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This view of my new iguana tank shows just the sze of tank to accomodate for a fairly small adult iguana. My green iguana is only about 4ft long. Pretty small for a 6yr old iguana. The tank is 5ft long by 3ft tall and 2.5ft deep. As you can see it has a climbing branch, some plants, a platform on the right which also functions as a hide spot for him. The floor of the tank has been tiled in slate 10mm thick. The tiles go up 6" around the sides aswell. The tank is constructed from OSB (high industrial grade chip board) 10mm thick for the main carcus of the tank and melamine coated chipboard for the front parts, also 10mm thick.
The tank is lit with a 3ft floresent reptile light specifically designed for reptiles. The tank is heated with a 3ft wide UHT (under tank heater) which was installed under the tiles before the tiles were set into place, and by a greenhouse heater which is surrounded by an aluminium box and has a tile top. This heating unit is just visable under the right hand side of the branch. Thes two heating aplliances are atached to a thermostat which controlles the tanks overall temp. The thermostat is just visable on the outside of the tank on the right.