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This picture shows the set-up of my Ball Python tank for my snake Ozzy. The tank is a 18" by 12" by 12", which contains repti-grass for a substrate, a flowerpot hide (left), a cork bark hide (left), branches screwed together,a water bowl,a rock and temperature and humidity gauges. It is heated by a UHT (under tank heater) and an incandesant lamp.
This is an overhead picture of the tank. This shows more clearly the layout of the tank. The tank is heated via a heatmat which is situated under the left hand side of the tank, and by a 15W incandesant blue tinted buld also on the left hand side of the tank mounted on the lid. Both these heating devices create the left hand side the hot side and the right hand side as the cooler side.
This is another frontal view of the tank slightly closer up. You can now see the temperature gauge (top right) and the humidity gauge (top left)
This is a picture of the lid. The lid is constructed fom hardboard 5mm thick with the topside having a melamine finish to it. The lid has a hole cut into it for the fine mesh to go under. The mesh is glued onto the underside with silicon cealer. The mesh provides the ventalation needed. The wire you see coming out from the top left of the lid is for the incandesant light fixture, which holds a 15W blue tinted bulb. All this can be purchased from you local DIY store.