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This is was my hamster Hannibal.
(May his spirit always Rest In Peace)

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This was my hamster Hannibal who sadly died sometime in april 2001. He was a very much loved pet and will always be a cherish and remembered part of the family. Goodbye Hannibal, see ya around sometime.

Hannibals Story

He had lost his way and was wandering around the gardens behind our house he passed many cats unnoticed and stumbled across a cat flap. He pushed his way through the cat flap and found himself face to face with a big black cat, when just as the cat was about to pounce the owner of the house picked him up and comforted the frightened hamster.

The next day the woman from two doors down came to my house asking if I had lost my hamster (I didn't have any hamsters at the time). I said no, have you found one? And then she told me how it came to be in her possession.

No one ever came to collect the hamster so I`ve had him ever since.