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There are links to other similar sites about Ball Pythons or Green Iguanas
 also some cool sites that I like to go to.

Some Cool Sites
SquarEarth (An ace site just check it out!)
Napster (Share MP3's with other people. No more searching on websites!)

Sheyde's 'lil Page ( This is an ace site all about my friend Sheyde and her idol Sarah Michelle Gellar)

Ball Python sites
Ball pythons and more
Melissa's home page
Joel's Ball Python page
Ball Pythons

Cold Blooded (also has great info on Green iguanas!)

Ball python lair (A really good site full of info on Ball Pythons!)

NERD (New England Reptile Distribution)

Ball python Discussion board

The python hunter  - Ball pythons   (Not literally the Python hunter!!)

The snake keeper  - Dan and Colette Sutherland (A site with info but mainly a place to buy top quality Ball Pythons)

Havin' A Ball - Stephanie's Ball python page (Nice site, lots of info, and loads of pictures)

Ball Python Cave (This site has info and is also a club)

Cages By Design

Green Iguana Sites
Caring for captive Green Iguanas (A really ace site for all you need to know about Ig's)

Green Iguana Care and Information (A site packed full of info and pics a brill site!)

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